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inSSIDer Office 4.4

Monitors data traffic in Wi-Fi networks
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Track multiple Wi-Fi networks simultaneously by checking all present negative interferences, poor channel placement, low signal strength and excessive channel noise, etc. Every detected network is shown with its name, the broadcast channel and the security method.

InSSIDer is a tool that analyses the network and provides information about wireless networks, such as signal strength, encryption type, channel type or the security method that is used by a specific network.

As you first enter the program, you are greeted by a basic interface, composed of a top tab menu and a screen that displays real-time information about Wi-Fi networks. The navigation through the menu is plain and simple and the system offers great response time. The lack of theme customization options is a subjective issue and might be a downside for some.

The most important task that this program fulfils is to provide information about nearby wireless networks. Once the analisys process is complete, you are able to check the signal strength in order to minimize problems with dropped connections or other roaming issues.

With the provided analysis, you can properly set up your wireless network based on information like data rates, channel or security methods. One cool feature InSSIDer is equipped with is the Wi-Spy, that allows you to see wireless video cameras, Bluetooth speakers or cordless phones, thus giving you a full picture of your environment.

In conclusion, InSSIDer is a smart Wi-Fi tool, one that uses a low amount of system resources, offers lots of tutorials, and is built to offer functionality. Regrettably, it lacks high design features and has quite a high price.

John Saunders
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  • Has a Wi-Fi Spy feature
  • Uses a low amount of system resources
  • Provides in-depth Wi-Fi analysis
  • Offers lots of tutorials


  • Has a robust interface
  • The price is too high
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